Bus Shelter Environmental design

It would be fun to sit in one of these bus shelters. : )

Part of the “International Beer Festival” task done for College, I designed a bus shelter that utilised environmetal design to engage more with viewers.

The Wandering Brew utilises “Footprints” in its identity as a representation of travelling and in a way a journey to find different brews.

Footprints are found on the ground to get initial attention, viewers approaching from the left will see that the first panel is transparent and overlayed onto the second panel gives the appearance of the footprints walking towards the beer background. You can’t see it here but the beer bubbles on the second panel are actually…thats right- footprints!

We couldn’t help ourselves with the third panel either and had footprints from different part of a beer world map converging in Australia.

I had a blast doing this college task, I’m sure it shows.


About msjennytan

Sydney illustrator who does everything from wedding caricatures to concept design. With much heart : )

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