Character design Batgirl development

For a class assignment we were required to create a short flash animation for our first exposure to flash.
From a few concept scribbles I decided to develop “batgirl” (I have bad humour) as I thought there was something very sincere about the idea.

I first developed a few rough shapes until I settle for one that I’m happy with.

A colour scheme is chosen and a rough turnaround created. I loved the idea of red hair (Prior Brave I swear!) as any strong movement would catch that lovely red. Blue and yellow were chosen in a certain amount to show off the contrast I wanted.

An alterego was also developed, “Mimi” was to be a bit more softer than Batgirl and I made her rounder and more withdrawn.

Finally a walk and run cycle were developed

A website for our characters were also developed

The final walk/run animation can be found here

Theres also the full animation short and storyboard, but I’ve yet to to upload it.

Hope you guys enjoyed that! I honestly fell in love with the character as silly as it sounds.

We also got to make a bust! (First time sculpting, mercy and all)


About msjennytan

Sydney illustrator who does everything from wedding caricatures to concept design. With much heart : )

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