First 3d animation development

We were first introduced to Maya roughly 14 weeks ago, and we were to develop an animation short.
I wanted my short to somewhat convey a story

Using the required room scene provided by our teacher, I did a paintover of my initial concept that helped as a guide for me

We provided 3 shots “of the best angle” of our scene, I tried to use mine sort of as a storyboard. I was quite happy with some of my composition work here using things like the red feather banner and colour to help display a stronger focal point.

After developing the scene we started on the characters that we needed to animate in them

I initially wanted to animate a scene between a girl and her ghost mother, given that we had 3 other subjects that were desperately vying for my attention I decided having just the ghost mother would be more realistic for my amount of time. Again I played around with the shaping of the characters.


And finally the storyboard was created

You can find the animated short here


About msjennytan

Sydney illustrator who does everything from wedding caricatures to concept design. With much heart : )

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