Brave digital fanart painting

Brave is copyright Pixar Disney.

Now and again I love to do some fanart, especially when the movie/animation is amazing.

Warning slight spoiler
The shapes in the movie were amazing, the beautiful roundness of the mother bear, the realism of the horse that contrasted perfectly with the characters. You could really see how far 3d technology had progressed with the movement in the hair. I read how tartan pieces wern’t actually associated with the period of the movie, but the team made the visual decision to put the material in so we could make those associations. Overall I loved it dearly.


About msjennytan

Sydney illustrator who does everything from wedding caricatures to concept design. With much heart : )


  1. I have to admit I haven’t yet seen Brave, but this is beautiful and now I want to watch the film. Absolutely adore the colours here, especially that fiery red hair! Gorgeous as always, Jens! ❤

  2. Ahh Sammi you are too kind, I also see a slight influx of people from the UK! I believe you have your hand in this? But Thankyou! ❤

  3. sheesh Jenny best work yet 😛

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